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Free Detail Room Rental Agreement Sample (Download PDF)

Room Rental Agreement

{Name}, henceforth known as “Tenant,” and {Name}, henceforth known as “Landlord,” agree to the following as conditions for the Tenant renting a room in the Landlord’s {house/apartment} at {address}.
1. The Basics
Tenant agrees to rent the {specific description of room} in Landlord’s {house/apartment}, beginning on {date}.
Tenant will be signing a {month-to-month, year, etc.} lease.
Tenant will owe {first month’s rent, security deposit, etc.} on this date, prior to moving in.
2. Rent
Tenant will subsequently pay {amount} in rent every month, due on {date}.
Any rent paid past the {date} of the month will be assessed a late fee of {amount}.
Consistent late payments of rent may result in the termination of this lease, and eviction of Tenant.
3. Utilities
Tenant will be responsible for a percent of the household utilities, including {list of the utilities}. The breakdown is as follows:

Utility                                       Percentage

4. Rules
Tenant is expected to abide by house rules, which include the following: {list of the rules, such as those dealing with noise, guests, smoking, etc.}.
Tenant will be responsible for cleaning {list of what tenant will be responsible for cleaning, such as any common spaces like a kitchen or bathroom}.
5. Disputes
Tenant and Landlord agree to attempt to settle any disputes between them on their own.
If Tenant and Landlord are unable to reach an agreement with regard to any dispute, {they will seek third party mediation, Tenant will agree to leave within 30 days, etc.}.
Tenant and Landlord agree that this lease is subject to the laws and regulations of the state of {State}.
____________________________                    ____________________________
Tenant Name                                                       Tenant Signature
____________________________                    ____________________________
Landlord Name                                                    Landlord Signature


Room Rental Agreement Sample

This document is a legally binding contract between Mr. A and Mr. B. Mr. A of ___________ (address of residence), henceforth in this document will be called the landlord and Mr B of (address of current/native/permanent residence) the tenement. The property on which the room is situated is the one on address, will henceforth be referred to as the room.

  1. The contract which is legally enforceable, will exist from date to date and can be renewed upon further mutual understating, agreement and negotiation, between the landlord and tenant.
  2. The tenant will occupy a furnished room of 150 square feet on the aforementioned property. The room will be furnished with one cupboard, a table, chair and one bed and will also have an external entrance which and only which will be used by the tenement.
  3. The tenant shall deposit a sum of money worth 7 months worth in rent with the landlord as a security deposit. This amount shall always have a liquid status in the landlords bank account and shall be returned after the tenant moves out and this contract expires or terminates. The landlord is authorized to deduct appropriate amount from the deposit in case where the room and furniture is damaged by the tenant. Depreciation and conventional wear of the room or furniture is not deemed to be damage.
  4. Against the permit to use the room, the tenant must pay the landlord $____ before the 10th day of every month.
  5. In cases where the tenant does not pay the rent for 3 months, the amount can be recovered from the security deposit. The landlord can take legal action in cases where the rent is defaulted for more than 5 months.
  6. The landlord cannot question the tenant’s hours of work, or income, personal life and also cannot demand rent before 10th of the month. The landlord does not have any right of ownership over any of the tenant’s assets.

This agreement is legally binding and will also have legal effects as a result of breach. This agreement for renting a room shall be governed by all the laws of the land and any decision by the court shall be enforced upon the transaction and any person or entity, party to the contract.




Lease Form Sample

Room Rental Agreement sample

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Sample  Rental Agreement

Sample  Rental Agreement

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