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10 Best and Detail Endorsement Letter Samples, Templates

Endorsement Letter Sample

June 20, 2010

Mr. Gale Forceberg
R & D Manager
Fast Lane Production Company
75 Kilometer Drive
Detroit, MI 55555

Production Department
Fast Lane Production Company
75 Kilometer Drive
Detroit, MI 55555

Dear Team,

Effective June 10, 2010, the company will impose a 10% daily salary deduction from all employees that come to work late. The company used to impose only a 5% daily salary deduction. However, we’ve noticed that within the past few months, the number of employees coming to work late has increased.

If an employee is tardy, the company’s overall productivity is also affected since less work is accomplished in a day. If employees come on time, we could reach our quota for the day, or may even exceed it.

As a part of our rules and regulations, everybody is required to abide by this new policy. Failure to follow this will result to breach of company policy.

We are looking forward to the employee’s improvement. Let us all work cooperatively for our company’s success. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 123-45-67. Thank you very much.


Gale Forceberg



Endorse a Previous Employee’s Performance

June 2, 2010

Joanna Tabor
ABS Engineering Company
4321 Sundance Street
Athens, CO 88823

XYZ Performance Parts Company
Production Department
9876 Starlight Drive
Ephesus, CO 88821

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to endorse to you Ms. Jenna Brookes, my previous employee. I was his manager in ABS Engineering Company for almost five years. I didn’t make a mistake in promoting her to mechanical engineer last term. She makes it a point that she submits good outputs that even exceed the requirements’ necessitated quality.

Ms. Brookes is an enthusiastic employee. She can work well with other people and also individually. But she is really more of a leader than a follower. She can manage and supervise other employees as well. Little or no supervision is needed when she is working. She has a reliable working habit that gives you the assurance that you can always count on her.

Ms. Brookes is also good in management planning and implementing programs and techniques. She is also open and willing to learn new things. I assure you that hiring her will be a good decision as she is one of the best employees that I had. She could be an asset to your team and the whole organization as well. In cases of emergency, she is always willing to help.

Should you need more information, please feel free to contact me. Thank you very much and have a nice day.


Joanna Tabor
Projects Supervisor
ABS Engineering



Endorse A Company Activity

March 5, 2010

ABC Insurance Company
1234 Edgewood Street
New York City, New York, 123456

James Anderson
765 Beverly Street
Hollywood Hills, VA 12345

Dear Mr. Anderson,

We truly appreciate your support for ABC Insurance Company. We are very much pleased that you have chosen our company to meet your insurance needs.

We are honored to invite you to the Lend a Helping Hand fund raising program of our company to be held at the ABC Building on March 25, 2010 at 9 in the morning.

We invite business groups and people from the community to join this activity. This is our way of endorsing the company as well as its Lend a Helping Hand project. We would appreciate anyone whom you could refer that would help this program.

Thank you for your continued support. We are looking forward to your presence on the said event.

Yours truly,
Charles Smith
ABC Promotions Manager



Endorse an Employee for A Promotion

February 10,2010

James Miller
146 Wisconsin Street
Chicago, IL 65432

Dear Mr. Miller,

On behalf of the training team of GHY Company, I am much honored to endorse to you Dana Wilson, our Training Assistant Head as a Marketing Assistant Manager. Dana Wilson has been working in our department for 3 years. She has shown excellence in handling a team. She has shown dedication in gaining background on the marketing strategies of our company as she trains the marketing staff.

She would be an asset to the Marketing Department since she can generate creative ideas and can work effectively even under pressure.

Please contact me if I can provide any further details. I can be reached at 456-458-723.

James Jackson
Head of Training Department- GHY Company



Sample letter of endorsement for GEF proposal

Douglas J. Graham
Senior Biodiversity Specialist
Latin America and Caribbean Region
World Bank
1818 H Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20433

Dear Mr. Graham:

Please be informed that the Government of [name of country] endorses the submission of the proposal “Building the Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN): A Regional Biodiversity Clearinghouse for the Americas” for a PDF Block B grant in the amount of US$650,000.

It is our opinion that the IABIN network, as it is to be implemented under the proposed enabling activity project, will allow the 34 member states of the OAS to better implement the Clearing House Mechanism that has been established under the Convention on Biological Diversity.

[Signed by GEF Operational Focal Point]

[If possible, also signed by IABIN Focal Point]



Sample Endorsement Letter for Scholarship


Recipient’s address:

Dear Scholarship Selection Committee,

As a teacher, I have had the pleasure of knowing (candidate’s name) since the past five years. He/she has been an outstanding student since his childhood. I strongly recommend him/her name for the scholarship award.

I am sure that (candidate’s name) will continue succeed in his studies and make us all proud. He/she is a dedicated student and his grades has been outstanding consistently exemplary. He/she has always shown great initiative and diligence to develop intelligent plans and implement successfully.

He/she also demonstrated admirable leadership qualities and skills in most of the group activities conducted in the class. Many of his/her juniors have come to seek his advice and many of them have shared with me their appreciation of his encouraging and pleasant attitude.

For all these reasons, I highly recommend (candidate’s name).

Because of his/her drive to succeed, proven abilities and impressive academic achievements, (candidate’s name) is one worthy candidate for the scholarship. If you have any queries regarding (candidate’s name)’s character or achievements, please contact me.


Yours name.

Another sample for an endorsement letter for scholarship to give you a better idea is given below:


Recipient’s address

Dear Sir, I am pleased to nominate (endorsee’s name) for (name of the program or for the scholarship he or she has applied). (Endorsee’s name) has been an outstanding trainee in this department for (insert the number of years). During this time he/she has proved to be a great competent and dedicated person whose proficiency and initiative serve the whole department and fellow students.

(Endorsee’s name) and I have reviewed all what is needed to deserve the scholarship carefully and agree that he/she will benefit most from it in areas of his/her future studies. I am convinced that he/she will promote her career development and I look forward to support his/her efforts.

Very truly yours,

– (Your full name)



Endorsement Letter Sample

January 6, 2010

Eleanor Smith

123 Hillside Street

Dear Mrs. Smith,

Thank you for supporting the Lend a Hand Donation project of ABC Organization through your financial support. We are much honored that your company have chosen us to be one of your company’s foundation.

This letter invites you on our fundraising program to be held in ABC Building.

We invite business and other people and the community. This is our means of endorsing our organization and our Land a Hand Donation project. Please refer anyone you know to me that you think can help our organization.

Again thank you for your kindness and we are looking forward in hearing from you.

Yours truly,


Martin Denver



Company President Endorsement Letter

January 6, 2010

Eleanor Smith

123 Hillside Street

Dear Mrs. Smith,

On behalf of the ABC Company, I am very honor to endorse to you our marketing supervisor. Michael Anderson has been working in our company for more than two years. He has shown dedication into his service and he is considered as one of the valuable assets in the company.

We are all saddened when he told us that he will be relocating to Washington with his family. We will certainly miss him.

I wish him all the best in any of his future career and endeavors.

Please call me if I can provide any further information for him. I can be reached at 111-111-111.



Willy Miller

President of ABC Company



Sample Endorsement Letter

Dear Larry,
I’d like to tell you about someone who has helped our company with our computer networking needs and who is available to offer your business the same excellent service.
Computer Connections has networked our entire business and continues to be available for regular maintenance. Michael Robinson, owner of Computer Connections, is always professional and knowledgeable. He’s saved our company time and money by staying on top of new developments in the field, including lower-cost technologies that are right for our needs. Computer Connections has an impressive track record in the computer networking field and was an early pioneer in this area.
I highly recommend that you contact Michael Robinson at Computer Connections for your company’s networking needs. He can be reached at (123) 456-7890.
Karen Jones
Executive Vice President
Applied Accounting Inc.




Dear Mr. Plum,
I am following up on Karen Jones’ letter to you. Ms Jones has been my client for several years and was gracious enough to endorse my work. I am indebted to her for this gesture.
As Ms. Jones said in her letter, I am available to help your business with its computer networking needs. I have been in the field for 20 years and am a five-time winner of the Networking Industry Award of Excellence. I would like the opportunity to meet with you or talk to you on the phone. I have a few ideas I’d like to share with you about Computer Connections and how we can make a difference to your company.
I’ve enclosed an information package about my company for your review. I’ve also enclosed some testimonials from people we’ve helped recently. Mr. Plum, I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you soon about your needs.
Michael Robinson
Computer Connections


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