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Request for Contractor Recommendation

1234, Main Street
Boston, MA 02123


<Recipient Address Goes Here>


We will be beginning a very important <describe the type of project> within the next . The problem is, we don’t have the skills we need in-house, and don’t know of a freelance For example: “writer” or “graphic designer” who we can trust to deliver the work on deadline. I’d like to know if you’ve used a For example: “writer” or “graphic designer” whom you would recommend.

The project will begin about <starting date> and will need to be complete by <completion date>. If you have used anyone whose work you trust and who would be available for that period, please have him or her call me at <phone number> I would really appreciate it, and I’d be happy to return the favor anytime. Thanks in advance for the help!


Robert Anderson



Request for Contractor References


In order to help us assess your firm’s ability to meet our requirements, we are asking that you provide us with a list of firms where you have completed installation.

In addition to the name of the user company, would you please identify the plant and location where the product is in service and the quantity of products furnished. If there is someone in particular we should contact, that information would be helpful.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.



Request for Contractor References


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