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3 Polite Notice of Rejection of Goods Letter Samples


Date: ____________________
To: ______________________

Re: Rejection of Defective Goods

Dear _____________________,

On __________________________________, we had placed an order under a purchase order bearing number _________________, for the following goods __________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ (“Goods”). The said goods were delivered on ________________________________. The said goods were found defective for the following reasons: ____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

We, through this notice, reject the delivery of the goods as they are defective and demand for refund of $__________________ paid by us on ________________________.

If we do not receive the refund of money within ______________ business days from the date of this notice, we will take immediate legal action.

Thank you for your immediate attention.

Very truly,





On __________________, we received goods ordered from you by memorandum dated _______________________. We hereby reject the goods for the following reasons: _____________________________________________________

The goods have been prepaid. Please provide us with a credit or refund. We will return the goods at your expense once we receive your instructions.

______________________________ __________________

Signature Date



Date: _

To: _ (Supplier)

We received goods from you pursuant to our order or contract dated _, 20_. We hereby reject said goods for the reason(s) checked below:

__ Goods were not delivered within required time.
__ Goods were defective as described on reverse side.
__ Goods were non-conforming to sample or specifications
as stated on reverse side.
__ Notice of acceptance of our order, as required, has
not been received, and we ordered the goods from other
__ Prices for said goods do not conform to quote,
catalogue or order.
__ Goods represent only a partial shipment.
__ Other (Describe) _

Please issue appropriate credits or refunds if prepaid, and provide instruction for return at your expense. Rejection of said goods shall not be a waiver of any other claim we may have.

Very truly,



Notice of Rejection of Goods

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