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4 Polite Apology After Cancellation of Order Samples and Templates

Apology to Customer after Cancellation of Order Template

[Company Name]_______________________

[Street Address]________________________

City____________State____________ZIP Code________

Date (dd/mm/year)_____________

Ref: ____________________________(Subject ā€“ Order Cancellation]


[Recipient Name]_____________________________

[Street Address]______________________________

City___________State_____________ZIP Code________


Dear _____________________[Recipient Name]

Please refer to your letter date__________, wherein, you have provided reasons for cancellation of your purchase order for ___________ (company product).

Iā€™d like to apologize for sending you the incomplete information on _______________[insert subject], that prompted the cancellation of orders placed by you. There was a slight miscommunication on our end. As I have now thoroughly checked the details, I am now sending you complete updated information through this email.

In the meantime, as you were our valued customers for so many years, we are ready to offer you free shipping as desired by you for the cancelled order, if you place the order once again with us, which will receive our best attention as always.

We also assure you that, such incomplete information are never passed again to our valued customers. For any assistance in future, you may contact me at _________ [phone no.]

[Your Name]_______________




Apology After Cancellation of Order Sample


This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of [date] in which you set forth your reasons for cancelling your purchase order #

I am very sorry about the misunderstanding that led to this cancellation and have taken the matter up with management in order to ensure that a problem of this nature does not occur again.

As one of our valued customers, your satisfaction is one of our primary concerns. Please accept our apology.



Apology after Customer’s Cancellation of Order Sample

[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, State ZIP Code]
[phone number – optional]
[email address – optional]

May 19, 2009
[Name of Recipient]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, State ZIP Code]

Dear [Name of Recipient]:

Thank you for your letter of [Date of Letter] and for taking the time and trouble to let us know the reasons why you wish to cancel your order. On behalf of our entire management team, I am writing to let you know how sorry we are that you experienced such difficulty in dealing with our customer service staff.

You’re a valued, loyal customer, and we take this matter very seriously. We have called a special meeting of all management and customer service representatives to discuss the situation that you described in your letter, and have already made changes in our policies and procedures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Please accept our apology.


[Your Name]




Cancellation of Order Apology Letter

August 6, 2010

Mr. Ralph Harris

General Manager

Clip & Paper Office Supplies

Dear Mr. Harris:

This is to inform you that we are cancelling our order of 100 boxes of bond paper due to the late delivery of our current order of 100 boxes of pens. We understand that your business is still new in the industry. However, we cannot afford to adjust to your own short comings as we are also maintaining a name in the industry. Any delay on your part may cause losses on our business.

We are really sorry that we have to cut our business ties this short.

We wish you success in the future endeavors of your business.


Kate Martin

Procurement Officer

Citibank, Inc.


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