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5 Best New Employee Welcome Letter Samples

New Employee Welcome Letter

Davis Paul
International Corporation Co.
City, State,
Zip code

Date: 5 December, 2008

Robert Wilson
City, State,
Zip code

Dear Mr. Robert:

We are happy to welcome you aboard International Corporation. I am very happy that you have accepted our job offer and agreed to join as a plant manager for our new project. We hope that you will experience cooperative and friendly association with the rest of the staff.

As discussed in the interview, your position holds all major responsibilities to make our new project successful. We always encourage our employees to benefit from various courses organized by International Corporation. Hence, you can improve your skills and knowledge. We are also arranging an official gathering to make you familiar with rest of employees from other departments. Therefore, you will get an overall idea about work of our all departments.

I anticipate that you will meet all team members of your team and plan meetings to understand team responsibilities and their current status. As of now, we don’t have any dress code, but we expect employees to come to office in formals.

Once again, welcome to International Corporation. We look forward to discuss any new employee issue. I am always available within office timings on my phone to solve your problems. We are eager to see you onboard.


Davis Paul
HR Manager



New employee welcome letter

Dear [Employee’s first name],


Welcome to “company” and the [department name] team! I am delighted you are joining us as a [new employee’s job title]. Your role is critical in fulfilling the mission of our department and “company”.

The enclosed information is designed to serve as an introduction to [department name] and provide resources that will help you make a smooth transition into your new role.

We would like to inform your working schedule as follows:

1. Working schedule

• Procedure to sign labor contract.
• New employee orientation.
• Probation time

2. Personal records must be prepared:

3. Compensations and benefits

• Placement & Compensation
• Salary revision
• Posting & Transfer
• Probation:
• Full time employment
• Confidentiality
• Intellectual Property
• Responsibilities & Duties
• Retirement
• Termination of employment
• Medical Fitness

The [department name] team is here to support your transition so, please know that you can call on any of us to assist you. We are looking forward to you joining our team and your success at company.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Mr/Mrs: Position:
Email: Phone:

HR Manager



New Employee Welcome


Tom Atkinson
14 Edith Street,
Hackney West,

Dear [NAME, ex. Tom Atkinson],

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you as a new employee to [name of firm]. We are very pleased that you have chosen to accept our offer of employment. We know that this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial association.

We encourage our personnel to take advantage of selected courses that are available in this vicinity, in order to improve their skills and learn new skills in related areas. The courses and their corresponding registration dates are listed on the employee bulletin board for your review. If you decide to attend one of these courses, please advise your office manager and they will make the necessary arrangements.

Once again, welcome to [name of firm].

Very truly yours,



New Employee Welcome


We are delighted you have joined us! Your contribution is important to ensure our sustained success and growth. We hope that your career here will be a gratifying one. You would get maximum support from the whole of our team and we look forward to having the best relations with you.

I welcome to u on the behalf of (Company Name)
I hope you will find (Company Name) as a cool place to work with !!!

Please let me know in case of any problem.

Thanks and Regards,


Collin-pines: New Employee Welcome Letter Sample

Friday, October 16, 2009

John Doe, CEO

123 Street Address
City, State


SUBJECT: COLLIN-PINES New Hire Welcome Letter

Dear New Employees:

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you as a new employee to Collin-Pines. You are now part of an organization that not only cares for its employees, but also believes that caring for our community and environment is an important part of doing business now as well as for our future.   We anticipate you joining our team as well as look forward to your contribution of experience, skills and knowledge that will enhance our company’s capabilities. In addition, we hope that you can incorporate our corporate vision, where together we will reach our company’s goals and objectives. Where our mission is to be our state’s leading lumber stewardship company, focused on managing and servicing our clients property.

Here at Collin-Pines we hold our customers, employees, community as well as our environment in the highest regard, where we incorporate both the needs of our company, as well as the needs of our ever-changing world into our corporate culture. Our core values as well as the backbone to our company are:

Quality: Deliver service of the most highest standards

Leadership: Setting a great example for others to follow

Loyalty: To our company, employees, clients, shareholders, community and our planet

Respect:  Follow the “Golden Rule” in all areas

Integrity: Honesty is the best policy¹

Fairness: Achieve goals and objectives for the common good

Accountability: Being where we need to be, when needed or expected

Efficiency & Effectiveness:  By following one SOP, where we use the right person, for the right utilizing the right tools and/or equipment ²

Collin-Pines recognize our responsibility to improve our community as well as environment where we are actively engaged in activities and programs that are geared towards enhancing the world around us. We understand our duties in our specialized area of the market as well as our commitment to our:


  • We respect and encourage their potential growth, and offer training programs as well as educational benefits.
  • Offer a 20% discounted Allstate car insurance program
  • Choice of Full Medical and Dental benefits
  • 401(k) and retirement plan

***Only employees who complete the mandated probationary period of 90 days are qualified for the above benefits, less the 401(k) plan, which requires 1 calendar year of employment with Collin-Pines.


  • Deliver quality service
  • Offer fair prices
  • Maintain a level of honesty and respect to the highest standards
  • Honor warranties within legal compliance
  • Aim to obtain customer satisfaction

Community and Environment:

  • We offer college scholarships to high school students within our state
  • Contribute to several community outreach programs
  • Apply green-friendly practices to our operation
  • Supply employment to members of our community
  • Involved in local work-study program

Furthermore, we hope that you review your employee handbook as well as the other resources provided to help make the transition of your new position with our company as smooth as possible. We also encourage you to ask questions as well as get the most out of the training we provide. In addition, please direct any concerns pertaining to your role in Colin-Pines to our Human Resources department.

Again, welcome and we are delighted to have you work with us.



John Doe


Mr. John Doe

Collin-Pines CEO


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