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6 Simple Business Agreement Letter Samples

Agreement Letter Template

18th December, 2009
5 Mandela Drive

Subject: Letter of Agreement – Preparation of Brochures

Dear Mr. Brown,
Thank you for choosing our advertising agency, and for delegating your task #1123 to us. Task #1123, which includes the preparation of brochures, would require services such as marketing and consulting, as per the necessity of the job, to be carried out. Around 100 working hours would go into the completion of this task. As per the hourly fee of $70, the base fee would be $7000. The services provided in exchange of the base fees include copy writing, editing, meeting, teleconferencing, travel, consulting and research. The task of copy revisions would be included in the base fees, however, any additional time needed in the completion of the work would be subject to extra fees as per the rate of $70 per hour.

The bills of out-of-pocket expenses would be delivered to you. These expenses could be computer printouts, photocopies, toll telephone calls, fax charges, travel expenses, etc. The payment should be made in 3 installments i.e. 1st after commencement of the work, 2nd after the first draft is delivered, and the final after the work gets completed. The payments should be made within 10 days of the receipt of invoice.

If you agree upon the terms and conditions mentioned above, please sign the letter and fax it on the xxx-xxx-xxxx number.

Michael Jones





Sample Confidentiality Agreement Letter

Anycity, Anystate 85245]

Dear [NAME OF EMPLOYEE, ex. John Smith],

Re: Employment Agreement

We are pleased that you have accepted employment with [NAME OF EMPLOYER] (the “Employer”) commencing [START DATE OF EMPLOYMENT, ex. July 1, 1998]. This letter will set out the terms and conditions of confidentiality regarding your employment.

1. You acknowledge that during your employment with the Employer, confidential information of the Employer will be disclosed to you and that any unauthorized disclosure of such information to third parties or use other than for the Employer’s purposes could cause extensive harm to the Employer. Confidential information of the Employer includes any and all trade secrets, confidential, private or secret information of the Employer including without limitation (i) business and financial information of the Employer, (ii) business methods and practices of the Employer, (iii) marketing strategies of the Employer, and (iv) such information as the Employer may from time to time designate as being confidential to the Employer. Confidential information will not include information that is in the public domain, or information that falls into the public domain, unless such information falls into the public domain by disclosure or other acts by you, or through your fault.

You undertake with the Employer that you will not during your employment with the Employer or at any time thereafter, unless prior written consent is given by the Employer, either directly or indirectly, utilize on your own behalf or on behalf of any other person, firm or company (a “person”) or divulge to any other person, except as required by the terms and nature of your employment with the Employer, any confidential information of the Employer, and you shall use your best endeavours to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or publication of such information. In addition, you agree that you will not copy any confidential information of the Employer including any curriculum belonging to the Employer nor remove same form the Employer’s premises without the express written permission of the Employer. You recognize and acknowledge that a breach of this provision may result in the termination of your employment and/or the institution of legal proceedings against you.

2. While the restrictions in section 1 are considered by you and the Employer to be reasonable in all of the circumstances as of the date of this Agreement, it is hereby agreed that if such restriction shall be judged to be void as going beyond what is reasonable in all of the circumstances for the protection of the interests of the Employer, but would be valid if part of the wording thereof were deleted or the period thereof reduced or the range of activities covered thereby reduced in scope, the said reduction shall be deemed to apply with such modifications as may be necessary to make them valid and effective and any such modification shall not thereby affect the validity of any other restriction contained in this Agreement.

3. You agree that you have been advised by the Employer that you should obtain independent legal advice in connection with the terms of this agreement. You confirm that you have either obtained such advice or chosen not to do so and that you fully understand the terms and conditions set out herein and agree to be bound by them.

4. You acknowledge receipt of a copy of this agreement signed by the Employer.

If you agree with the above, please sign both copies of this letter in the presence of a witness and return one copy to the Employer.


[NAME OF EMPLOYER, ex. ABC Corporation]

Per: __________________________________

I have read, understand and hereby voluntarily accept the above terms.

Date: __________________________________

………………………………………….. ………………………………………….

Witness …………………………………………….. [NAME OF EMPLOYEE]

Download Confidentiality Agreement In Word Format (doc)



Termination of Lease Agreement

July 28, 2010

Mr. Dhandapani Dayalan,

58/41, VOC Street,

Chetpet, Chennai

Dear Mr. Dayalan

This letter is to inform you that we wish to terminate the lease offered to you for setting up shop on our premises in VOC Street, Chetpet last year. At this point I would like to remind you of our original contract, which mentions that the lease is for one year, after which it is to be renewed. On June 30, 2010, it has been a year since you occupied the building.

You have been a good tenant, paying all your rentals on time. You have taken good care to maintain our property. However, we regret that we are not able to lease the building to you anymore. I have decided to use the building to start a business of my own and hope you will cooperate.

I request you to kindly accept this termination and vacate the building by August 15, 2010, so that I can take care of my business.

Regret the inconvenience caused.

Yours Sincerely,

John David

Download Sample Termination of Lease Agreement In Word Format (doc)



Client Agreement Letter

Subject – Client Agreement Letter

We are newly startered HR consultancy firm in chennai. We have to submit our Terms and Conditions Agreement letter to our client.

Can anyone send me the sample of Agreement letter.

Thanks and Regards,




Business Agreement Letter

JUNE 5, 2006

Timothy F, Letterman

3875 Paseo Drive,

Morgan Hill, Ca 8764

Dear Timothy:

This letter will confirm your official engagement as an employee with Marion Law Firm. Below are the term and conditions applicable to working with us.

Employment: Marion Law Firm hereby employs Timothy Fanta Letterman to render full time services as a lawyer for the company.
Duties: The employee will work an 8 hour shift, 5 days a week including holidays.
Acceptance: The employee will not render services to other similar corporations or businesses.
Terms of Employment: The employee is free to terminate employment with prior notice of 30 days.
Compensation: The Company agrees on a monthly payment of $40 per hour in accordance with the regular payroll.

Dated this 5th day of June


Brandon Fisher

Executive Manager,

Marion Law Firm



Letter of Agreement between Two Parties

Mr. Smith K Jones
General Manager-Daimler Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
2820 Taylor Avenue
Miami, FL 33012
27 September, 2010


Dear Mr. Mike,

This agreement is made between Daimler Enterprises Pvt. Ltd and Bholer Marketing Pvt. Ltd on the 25th August, 2010 in Miami. Daimler Enterprises Pvt. Ltd has allotted all its marketing and selling work to Bholer Marketing Pvt. Ltd for which necessary agreement has to be made by the two companies. The agreement letter includes the reason of the agreement and requirements of both the companies. It also contains the terms and conditions on which the agreement has to be made by the two companies. It also has the details of the amount that would be charged by the company and the payment structure.

If both the companies agree to terms and conditions mentioned in the letter of agreement then they sign a copy and proceed further.

Agreed and accepted
Yours Sincerely,
Louis J. Mangan Relation Manager-Bholer Marketing Pvt. Ltd
Greenville, SC 29607


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