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3 Free polite Financial Aid Appeal Letter Samples

Financial Aid Appeal Letter Sample



Attn: Financial Aid Appeal Committee

Re: Financial Aid Award Appeal Request

Dear Financial Aid Appeal Committee,

I appreciate the generous financial aid award letter I received this year, but I still cannot afford to attend ENTER SCHOOL NAME.

Unfortunately, our family income has dramatically changed this year and we are unable to make the additional contributions necessary to maintain my enrollment.


With these financial problems, my family is struggling to pay everyday bills. Therefore, my family is unable to borrow additional loan funds on my behalf.

Although my financial situation is challenging at the moment, there is no doubt in my mind that I will succeed at ENTER SCHOOL NAME.

My current grade point average is ENTER GPA, and I plan to do even better this academic period.

I am convinced that with the help of this committee I will able to finish my education at ENTER SCHOOL NAME.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to explain my financial circumstances. I look forward to hearing about your decision.





James Michael Holdings
57, Queen’s College Road
London- BBND 1ZZ
Contact No.: 8087437621
Date: June 12, 2011
Roll No: 352, Third Year B.Sc. Chemistry

Financial Aid Appeal Committee Members,
City College, London

Sub: Appeal against the suspension of financial aid

I, the undersigned, am a regular student of this college. Presently I am doing Third Year B.Sc. in Chemistry Science from here. The intent of this letter is to appeal my suspension of financial aid. I took the admission in this college in September 13, 2007. I had applied for the financial aid from the college committee that time on account of inability of my parents to pay the college fees. I being a sincere, regular and promising student, my application for the financial aid was approved by the committee. Since then I had been receiving financial aid till March 2009 i.e. till the end of my Second Year.

In 2009 I met with a serious road accident and was hospitalized for six months. Even after I got the discharge from the hospital, my doctor had advised me complete bed rest for the next three more months. As a result I missed both of my semesters of Third Year B.Sc. and could not attend the classes. My absence in the college made the Financial Aid College Committee suspend the financial aid that I was receiving till then.

I took the admission once again in your college this year to complete my graduation course. Now my health is fine. My doctor has allowed me to resume my studies. I am confident enough that I will bring good grades in the exams. The only problem is the college fees. My parents are still not in a position to pay the fees and I therefore hereby appeal against the suspension of my financial aid. I will be able to compete my course only if I you grant me the help once again. I am sure you won’t disappoint me. Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,
– Signature



Appeal Letter for Financial Aid

August 8, 2010.

Don Bosco School of Business Education,

Financial Aid Appeal Committee,

23 hilly road,

Mangalore, 608976.

Dear Mr. Alok,

[Sub: Appeal for financial aid]

I, Rahul Kapoor, who has taken admission into Masters of Business Administration in your college, would like to make an appeal to you to aid me financially for the above course. As per the college norms and regulations, I satisfy all the criteria prescribed for meritorious students who wish to seek financial assistance.

I would like to inform you that my father is an agriculturalist whose annual income is below 1 lakh per annum. And I hail from a family where we have not inherited an ancestral property.

Attached with this letter are the necessary documents and certificates like income certificate of my father, my certificates of academic excellence, economical back ward certificate etc.

Kindly consider my please.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Rahul Kapoor

MBA  Aspirant.

Don Bosco School of Business Education,


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  1. Stuntman Mike
    August 16, 2012 at 3:17 pm #

    I cannot understate how important it is to DOCUMENT the circumstances that have caused your grades to suffer as well as including an explanation of WHAT HAS CHANGED to ensure this will not happen again. If it is a medical issue, include a letter from your physician on company letterhead stating the date(s) of treatment. You will not have to delve any deeper than that. If it a family member’s death, a copy of the death certificate, however morbid, will suffice and look more legitimate than an obituary. These are matters of public record and committees know this. Documentation is the key to success. Believe me, most of the time these committees want you to get the aid but they are looking for a reason to justify the appeal.

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