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Free Notice of Termination of Lease Sample and Template

Notice of Termination of Lease

To _________________________, Lessee:

Take notice, that pursuant to the provisions of paragraph ___ of that certain Lease under which you hold possession of the hereinafter described premises, I have elected to terminate said lease as of ___________, 20___; said lease is being terminated (set forth reason for termination) and you are hereby required to quit and deliver up possession of the premises on or before the above mentioned date.

The lease above mentioned is between ________________, as Lessor, and _____________ ______ as Lessee, is dated _____________ and covers the property commonly known as

DATED: ___________



Notice of Termination of Lease Template

(Name of Landlord)_____________________

(Landlord Address)____________________

Ref: _________________

(Lease Agreement) dated _______________

Dear ________________

[Name of Landlord],_____________________

This is to inform you that we wish to terminate our lease early due to ________ [your reasons]. While we have always been pleased with the cooperation and understanding of you and the apartment management to our situation, the fact remains that ____________[your dissatisfactory about the place, such as the environment, lack of repair and maintenance, the noises … etc]

It is our desire to be released from our lease without fault on ___________

[desired lease termination date]. You can expect our full cooperation in showing the apartment during our remaining occupation to facilitate its immediate rental and prevent the _____________ [apartment name] from any financial losses. I hope that our immediate rental payment history and good-standing account sufficiently indicates our continued accountability and sincerity.

Again, we appreciate all the attempts that you have done as property manager to alleviate our dissatisfaction but have decided that it is in both parties’ best interests for us to vacate the unit. Please let us know the feasibility of our request and if we can do anything to make the process proceed smoothly and to your satisfaction.

Also, please let us know if you would like us to speak directly with any other management parties about our request.

Thank you, again, for the consideration.

Best Regards,





Tenant Notice of Termination of Lease

Notice of Termination of Lease



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