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Free Notice of Reclamation Letter Samples

Notice of Reclamation

Date: _

To: _ [Customer]

Certain goods have been shipped to you within the past ten days as represented by the attached invoices. It has come to our attention that your firm is insolvent, and therefore we demand return and reclamation of all goods delivered to you within the ten days preceding this notice.

Very truly,





[buyer name]
[buyer address]

Dear [buyer name]:

This letter is in regard to our recent shipment of goods to your company.

It has come to our attention that your organization is now insolvent. Therefore, in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code, we now
demand return and reclamation of all goods shipped by us and received by you within the last ten (10) days preceding your receipt of this notice.

Should any of the above-referenced goods have been sold, this notice will constitute a priority claim for the proceeds of said sale, and a demand
for the return of any unsold goods still in your possession.

Please contact us in regard to shipping arrangements.



Notice of Reclamation


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