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5 Failure for Promoting Business on Facebook You Should Avoid

Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool, but you can fall into five traps that can destroy your business development efforts on social media. Let us first talk numbers. Facebook has 3.6 million active users in Quebec. They connect to the site at least once a day and an average of 130 “friends”. With this critical mass, Facebook has become another instrument of business development, but must still avoid the pitfalls identified by the site Mashable .

  • Broadcast

The first mistake is to use Facebook as a distribution network rather than information. If you only use your promotions or your marketing materials in Facebook, you’re wasting your time. Facebook is a platform for authentic content and information exchange and transparency. Your immediate goal should not be to increase your sales, but to exchange information with customers and prospects.

  • Neglect

It is not enough to create a page or a community of interest. You must invest time and resources to update it with relevant information. Remember that people do not spontaneously consult a Facebook page. You need to attract and retain them regularly with content and interesting discussions and especially to respond quickly to questions or information left on the page.

  • Bore

We do not write often enough: You must create interest in your page or your communities. Facebook is a place for socializing and people only share interesting information, practical or fun. If you are unable to meet these criteria and you think you can recycle some data and photos of your brochures, Facebook is not for you. Do not just update your profile. Use illustrations, videos and photos to communicate your message and insert links to your blog or your website. The key words here are relevance, variety and date.

  • Ignore

Take time to familiarize yourself with all the tools and functionality of Facebook. It is a sophisticated site that gives you powerful tools to analyze your performance. But it is still necessary that you use all the resources available to you. Remember, the site also has technical requirements. For example, if you just copy / paste your logo on your page, only a few letters of your name will appear. Take the time to read all instructions on editing your profile and images.

  • Rape

Do not respect the conditions of use of Facebook. The most frequent violations are to use a personal page to make the promotion rather than an official page . Competitions and promotions must be approved by Facebook and do not mark a photo or a personal page to attract them to your corporate page.

After mounting your page and broadcast content, evaluate your performance with this tool and optimize it based on these boards . This excellent blog québécois is tracking all the developments of Facebook.


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