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7 Simple Tips for Good Translation

The translation is not only a mechanical work, auto. It requires skill and a certain artistic approach.

It is not enough to know all the rules of grammar and spelling, there are also secrets of success that can make your translations better. These tips will help you improve the quality of your translations and make the process easier.

1. Good equipment. Before starting your translation you must make sure to have all the necessary equipment, which can simplify the process of translation. Bilingual dictionaries, encyclopedias, electronic dictionaries, dictionaries of idioms and jargon can be very useful, and you will save much time if you prepare in advance.

2. Prefect. The next step is to prefect. Read the whole text before starting work. This will help you get a general idea of ??the subject and make some parts of the text more understandable.

3. Set the style of the text and its final target. This will help to choose your writing style and vocabulary necessary.

4. Focus on meaning. Give more attention to the meaning of the text you are translating. The same thought or idea can be expressed in various ways and means can be very different languages.

5. Read your text aloud. Pronouncing sentences or pieces of text, you will have a further opportunity to check the relevance of words you choose and the grammatical structures you use.

6. Read it again. Read each sentence again after translation. This will help you correct errors in grammar and spelling. In addition, read each paragraph and read the whole text after translation to verify from the beginning if all the sentences are appropriate.

7. Ask a native speaker to proofread your text. A native may notice nuances that you missed and the text will be more natural.

If you have already worked for a translation agency, you probably know much of this advice, but too easy to forget.Reading


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