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8 Effectively Communicate Strategies Make You Feel Power

  • A clear and significant

What is important is that your employees quickly understand the link between the success of your strategy and their office. Take time to prepare a message, short, clear and inspiring that summarizes your strategy, objectives and the impact it will have on your employees.

  • Put the customer contribution

By linking the needs and concerns of your customers and your new policy you allow your employees to quickly identify the issues for themselves and the organization.

  • Custom Frame

An effective message is divided into three parts. It must first inspire your employees by identifying, for example, new benefits for themselves and their clients. It should also educate employees and identify the impact of this strategy on their daily responsibilities. This message must be repeated regularly to ensure their understanding and execution of your strategy fluid.

  • Do not disappear

It is not enough to announce your strategy, you need to sell your employees and partners, and nothing is more effective than face to face. If possible, take time to meet with each employee to personally communicate your message. If not possible, create a club of ambassadors made up of the best leaders in your organization who will become the official spokesmen of the new business development strategy.

  • Be authentic

Most people still do not know the cardinal rule of communication in the 21st century: authenticity. Forget the buzzwords and clichés and use business terms and your “real” to talk to your employees and partners.

  • Tell a story

Your employees will quickly forget the facts and figures that support your strategy. You need to find a story to humanize the year, a story rooted in reality that gives real examples of what the strategy changes and the results that you seek.

  • Put social media contribution

Distribution channels of your messages are as important as the content. To give more significance to it, put social media to contribute. Create a Facebook page and a Twitter message store coming to repeat and reinforce your messages.

  • Invest

Give yourself the means to ensure that your messages are understood and accepted. Ask yourself the question: what are the objectives of this strategy and how are you willing to invest per employee that they are achieved.


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