5:29 pm - Monday March 30, 2015

AP: Property tax statements to go out in central Okla

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) — Some 120,000 property tax statements will go into the mail on Friday, Cleveland County treasurer Jim Reynolds said.

The Norman Transcript reported Thursday that (http://bit.ly/uTiIAR) taxes will be due Dec. 31, but can be divided into halves, with the second half due by March 31.

Seventy-five percent of payments come from mortgage companies, Reynolds said. Usually, only people who have paid off their mortgages or those who purchased property and paid cash will need to pay the bill personally.

People who are unsure of where they fit into the mix should check with their mortgage companies.

“We always accept the first payment that comes to us,” First Deputy Mona Nelson said. “When the second payment comes, we send it back.”

That works out well as long as the first payment comes from the mortgage company, the Transcript reported.

Nelson asked that people who mail checks make sure they are written accurately, down to the penny, because even a small mistake can cause problems.

Anyone who bought a house after Oct. 1 will not get a bill, but will still owe the property taxes.

“They still have to pay,” Nelson said.

Cleveland County is at a high rate — 99 percent — of collection for past property tax years.

“Our county is doing very well,” Reynolds said. “The economy is strong. Property is holding its value.”


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