9:42 am - Tuesday March 31, 2015

How to Care Elderly Client to Help Your Business

Older clients do not want an advisor who only investment for them, they want a professional who cares about their financial well-being. In addition to the classic conversation about estate planning or funding of long-term care, the counselor should not forget to address five important issues.

  • Simplicity: it is important to discuss with his elderly client of the various ways it might take to simplify life. In approaching this question, we must mention the importance of the organization and even reducing the amount of goods and documents to simplify the task of succession in the event of the death of the client.
  • Talking with the family of the future must speak with his client, but also with her ??children. The counselor can ensure that children know where to find important documents, or have, for example, a key to the safe deposit box owned by their parent bank.
  • Consumption patterns: Talk with the client’s income and the way he spends. Some customers do not want to spend their capital in retirement and prefer to reserve it for their children or grandchildren.
  • Who to trust: the counselor must be aware of the risks of abuse to its elderly clients. It should discuss with them the risks associated with joint accounts or delegation of authority.
  • Opportunities and changes: it is not because we are dealing with an elderly client that does not provide information on changes occurring in the financial services industry. Even if a client uses the same strategy for years, the counselor should not hesitate to suggest to him a new one that would suit her better.


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