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How To Find A Good Mentor For Marketing Business

In network marketing, having a mentor is very important. He can guide you through situations or problems where you will find for the first time. He will give you the knowledge he has developed through months or years of experience in the industry of network marketing .

So to find a good mentor in MLM, find someone who has enough experience. This person may be someone who is currently what you would do, other professionals, your boss, or someone famous as a distributor in Network Marketing.

Identify the specific person and calling. Ask him to talk with you at least 10 minutes a week. Tell him that you respect and want to learn from him. And if you do the things he advises and after a few days you call again to tell him that you did these things, it’s like you give him faith in him because he gives you power. This led him to help you more because as humans, we like to help others.

Indeed many people can help. Do not be afraid to ask for help from other people. If one rejects you, keep looking and never give up until you find the perfect mentor for you. In fact there are people who are actually mentors or coaches who are most competent and qualified to give you advice that you may prosper in MLM .

More importantly, after talking with your mentor be sure to thank him every time. You can send a letter or a gift, the purpose is to show that you appreciate his help so that he’ll also be developed.



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