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How to Motivate Marketing Network Team as a Leader

The motivation of your teams is very important as a leader in network marketing. But there is always someone in your network that destroys the harmony of the group. And you wonder, “Is there a problem in my methods? In the company? In individuals in the team? ”
Sometimes the reason is that members are not motivated. And indeed it is very tiring to work with people who are not motivated.
Why they are not motivated? We must understand that network marketing is for everyone but everyone does not want to network marketing.

So before you hire someone, and then sponsor someone, you must ensure that he or she is motivated . And that’s before you hire, you need to reassure them, because after it is too late.

To find out if one is motivated, one must ask why he wants to do network marketing. And that’s fine if he says that one reason is to make money . So ask him how he wants to win what does he like realistic and what to do with this money and ask them to set goals in the short term and long term and of course a medium term.

And we need the ultimate reason is so strong that the person will not give up. We really need a reason that his reasons need to be very strong. And we need that motivation is established and the person knows that its objectives are on the horizon, and you, as a leader, you help out those motivations. Here, you can sponsor this person and there you can start working.

Motivation, it comes from ourselves. The leader, he can help, guide to find the motivation, and it must be done prior to recruitment. One cannot motivate his team, but we can help everyone get motivated and stay motivated by reminding him or her why, objectives, and why he had started in network marketing at the start . We inspire as a leader.


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