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How to Quit your Job and Become a Parent at Home

An important step in the life of a mother or father at home is to make the jump to stay home. More successful then you are certainly able too! Remember that your whole family will enjoy and that you will live unforgettable moments.

Here are some tips to facilitate the transition:

  • Seeking work from home: Work at home more often, and proved that you are more effective this way because there are fewer interruptions and you are more concentrated.

    You could therefore plan to work from home more often and already begin to see the benefits. As you may save time you lose in the car and traffic for the spend on your children, you can also take the opportunity to do tasks that require a passive presence, such as washing or simmer a dish. If your children go to school, you can receive if they go to dinner or at daycare, you can go to wear the latest look or earlier for example, make them do their nap at home. In your bubble ‘without external demand constant meetings, phones annoying, stress can come down and your work go faster. In addition, you choose your schedule; you can start your work hours early and spend the rest of the day with your child.

    This stuff applies to both parents! You could choose the same working day at home and you see, or alternate days so that each parent can spend time with the child and especially for him there is always a parental presence at home.

  • Ask to have a flexible schedule or reduce your hours: Again, this would allow you to spend more time with your child and begin the transition to home, while placing your salary aside for more resources when you get there and see how to adjust your lifestyle by living on one income.
  • Plan your stop as much as possible: If there is a premium to leave, take it. Or arrange with your employer to end your employment and you are on employment insurance required, which will allow you a small income and the time to find a part time job or from your company part-time. You can also keep an exit door and you arrange if possible to take a sabbatical or other method available to your job to take a long leave in this way you will know if the way of life at home is perfect for you and you have a plan B, even if sometimes it’s better not to have to better ensure successful stay at home.

So in summary, you will see your family more often. We must dare to ask, after all, for the transition to start your company will see you winning more productive and happy. There are even companies in the United States who push their employees to work from home because it is more economical especially for real estate. I think it’s a lifestyle that will be more.


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