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IBM Data Management Helps Marketing

IBM develops two offers which provide data and information needed for companies to better manage their marketing campaigns and manage orders. IBM announced the implementation of Coremetrics Lifecycle . This new software BI in the cloud is intended to improve performance online marketing .

IBM Data Management Helps Marketing

IBM Lifecycle Coremetrics enables businesses to capitalize on every opportunity marketing in a cross channel. This solution determines the countryside and the most effective content to consumers by providing an analytic view on slowing the progression or customer interactions.

IBM also deployed the solution Cognos Consumer Insight , which allows companies to refine their business knowledge . With this solution, they will be able to manage their e-reputation.

In line with the approach and integrated cross-channel initiative IBM Business Smarter , these two offerings bring, companies and organizations, data and information necessary to optimize the management of their marketing campaigns and order management: supplies inventories, shipments.

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