8:02 pm - Monday March 30, 2015

Monitoring Marketing Network Build Up with Time

It is absolutely crucial to develop individual relationships with your prospects to grow your marketing network or build a strong network.

In a relationship with your prospect, you are going to learn to appreciate, you know, and to trust you, because we see too often in the marketing network extraordinary opportunities where people fall – thousands people can sign up to something – and in the end never buy one product, no one earns any money.

If you really want to build a strong network, you really have to base it on one relationship with your prospects. Your prospect is a real person, a person who has dreams, which also has its own fears, his own experience, his own story, which does not make the same mistakes, which means that it works this time it, and often it’s a bit the last chance we give ourselves. So it’s extremely important to be attentive to the needs of your prospect to see if you could work well together. And when we develop this relationship as a small plantain, first you plant this small seed and then water it every day, and watering the little seed will germinate and then after it will have its first leaf, and one day it will become a solid chain – a chain that can withstand strong rain and winds and remain firmly rooted in the soil.

And it is very important. This is what we must do to have a strong network to increase friendly relations, relations of trust with your prospects and following with future people who will join you in the company that you develop. These relationships, they are really critical and it’s definitely worth taking the time to develop them because these are relationships that really make the strength of your network and you have for the rest of your life. There is no other way than taking the time to do it and it is the best way and what is the best in marketing network.

And if you go on vacation, you can have an automated tracking of your prospects with an autoresponder that is responsible for listing and maintaining your new prospects.



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