7:14 pm - Sunday March 1, 2015

Paypal Accuses Google Stealing its Idea

The ambitious project of Google, which hopes to replace the credit card payment through the use of smart phones, could be thwarted by the pioneer of online payment, Paypal, which alleges that Google has stolen his ideas by hiring two former executives.

By filing its suit in state court in California on Thursday, just hours after the unveiling of the “Google Wallet” Pal accused the computer giant of treason and espionage.


In a 28-page complaint, the company _ _ a subsidiary of eBay that supports the idea of ??virtual portfolio grew out of research on which the board for years.

Pal points to two former employees: one of its former executives, Osama Bedier, and a former senior executive of eBay, Stephanie Tilenius.

Google has countered Friday that it had completed the hiring of two talented people “who were seeking better job opportunities.”

The company promised it would defend itself against these charges.

“We respect the trade secrets and we will defend ourselves against these charges,” said the spokesman of the company, Aaron Zámostí.


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