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Public Conflit Management Policy

Public Policy and Community Conflict Management

What is it?

Public issues are matters of widespread concern in the community. They are resolved by group decision processes that create local public policy. We often assume the responsibility for resolving public issues is in the domain of government. But, as society becomes more complex and we acknowledge the limits of what government can achieve, we recognize the need for public and private interests to work together. Involving diverse interests in public issues, however, can often heighten local conflict and make the resolution of community issues more difficult.

How can this tool be used?

Keeping on Track: Strategies for Dealing with Controversial Public Policy is a series of publications for local officials and community leaders that deals with managing controversial public policy. The issues vary, but all too often the problem is the same. Whether it’s corporate farming, school bond issues, or new development proposals, communities often get bogged down in controversy and nothing seems to get done. This series of publications presents strategies local leaders can use to navigate the minefield of controversial public policy so the community can get the issue resolved and keep moving forward…


Research Conflict Management Policies

This policy applies to investment research published by the Research Department of Morgan Stanley and its affiliated companies (“the Firm” or “Morgan Stanley”).

This policy is available from Morgan Stanley on request and is made available on the public website at www.morganstanley.com/institutional/research/ and, for Firm investor clients, on the research pages of the ClientLink website. Morgan Stanley reserves the right to amend or supplement this policy at any time. For the current policy, please check the website.

In this policy, the terms “research analyst” and “analyst” are used interchangeably to describe research analysts who publish research reports. The term Research Management is used to describe the senior management teams of the Research Department…


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