4:37 pm - Sunday March 1, 2015

Role of Technology and Analysts in Business

Basically your company can have a website. It displays the products and services you offer. That’s good. You can sell products online. It’s even better if you have web applications “online shopping” which are numerous and easily accessible.

But what happens if your business is service-oriented and does not sell real product. What can you offer?

If there is not already on the market for web applications or software to meet your needs, you can turn to custom software development. Yes, this avenue is more expensive at the time but you will see how this new web application will change the way you operate your business in a very convenience environment.

For example: Your company has no difficulty finding customers because there is a strong demand for the services you offer but one of the most concern is maintaining good labor force and you want to keep your employees by providing good working conditions. Beyond compensation, if your employees are equipped with good software tools, this improves their quality of life and this good working environment is necessarily happy. In addition, by automating some of their repetitive tasks, they have more time to respond to other clients and it might waste their energy. It was then that the computer gives a good return on investment.

People within the development teams that interact the most in terms of content with customers / users are analysts . Their role is to help you clarify your needs and propose solutions. They can help you set priorities and understand the constraints you face.

Role of Technology and Analysts in Business


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