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Top 10 Good Brands Report 2010


Being a genuinely good brand in 2010 takes more than a widely used product and an ubiquitous global presence. Though there is no precise formula, what the ten good brands on our list have in common is a penchant for imagination, innovation, environmental re- sponsibility and social consciousness. Their products and services don’t just serve a ba- sic need, but instead help as a tool to improve people’s lives. Several companies have stayed strong, main- taining their positions from last year with continued innovation, while others on the list have jumped into prominence through offer- ing creative solutions and ground breaking new business models. We started our search for the Good Brands of 2010 by looking at the companies we were writing about on PSFK.com over the last six months. We then asked a panel of cross-in- dustry global experts from the Purple List to tell us which of the common brands on PSFK were considered ‘Good’. We hope the learnings from this report, and the companies identified within, provide you with inspiration that you can use to make things better.


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