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Top Five Things Worth Spending On

There’s a good reason why you applied for a debt consolidation loan and agreement: putting a stop on your gradually snowballing debts. And although your move somehow relieved you, its effect will not be as stunning if you don’t change your attitude towards spending.

Instead of telling you what you should not spend on, let me help you justify your spending habits. I am not going to tolerate you but let me teach you how you can be wise out of a potential recklessness.

You should spend on:

  1. Home-cooked nutritious meals
    A trip to luxurious restaurants won’t hurt except if you have to do it every weekend. And substituting nutritious meals for fast-food is no good either, because loading on empty calories can only make you hungrier in just a short span of time.

    With this, it is time for that trip to the market or grocery. But since you would be exposed with so many options, it is important to strictly comply with a specific list of food to buy. If you can, try cooking meals which are not easily perishable so that you can store them for three to five days. You can also take out portions for you to eat at lunch in the office.

  2. Your debts:
    Paying your debts on time improves your credit score. Furthermore, it saves you from accrued interest rates for nonpayment or insufficient payment.
  3. Education
    It does not have to be a formal one if you can’t afford it yet. If you’re planning on starting up a promising business, you can invest on books or reliable lectures to learn the ropes of that particular industry. The $15 or $75 you may spend now can equate to $1000 or more in the future.
  4. Preventive healthcare
    Having yourself checked up regularly prevents more expensive costs of hospitalization. Furthermore, prioritizing your health ensures that you can make yourself more productive at work which translates to your capacity to generate income.
  5. Insurance premiums
    In relation to healthcare, insurance premiums secure an amount of your income for your health and your life. It is important to prepare yourself with unforeseen tragedies which may lead to costly recovery.

    Insurance premiums can also secure your investments. For instance, if you had a minor car accident, your insurance will save you from expensive damage payments as long as it is within the agreement.

Frugal living, albeit entailing thriftiness, is not about cheap buying—it is about wise spending.  Do you have any other things to add on the list? Feel free to mention it on your comments below.

About the Author: Thirdy Rosales is doing marketing consultation for Debtconsolidation.com.au. This financial institution provides assistance to some personal monetary issues such as dealing with bad credit loans, providing debt consolidation loans and handling bankruptcy issues. You can follow him on Twitter @Tweetendshout.


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