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4 Most Common Questions about Inflation and Central Bank for 2014

  Inflation rates are very low globally. What is the role of central banks in such a context? Michael Strobaek: Inflation rates have ebbed and the rate of capacity utilization remains low in many parts of the world. Therefore,...

Debt validation letter: What the law does to protect your interest?

Whenever you’re asked to pay up for a debt by a collection agency that you don’t recognize or are unaware of, the law permits you to ask for debt validation from them. So, if a collection agency fails to verify a debt,...

Emerging Europe promised a long-term sustainable growth

Albeit with large differences from one country to another, ING IM provides that emerging Europe as a whole will benefit from the desire to improve the regulations, pursue economic liberalization and to privatize . ING Investment...

How to be ready for any kind of unexpected cash needs?

Let us assume that you are facing an unexpected situation, you need cash to overcome this emergency, say for instance – medical bill or electric bill. You do not have cash and you know that your next payday is not for...

Macqarie invests in business credit in France

Spared by the crisis, the Australian bank wants to expand in the fields of finance in Europe. It has entered into a partnership with management to finance Tikehau midsize companies. Tickets attention 200 million.

The IMF has revised down its estimate for global growth in 2012

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut its forecast Monday global economic growth to 3.5% in 2012, slightly below the estimate of 3.6% made in April, because the downside risks loom over global growth.
Business and Economic Slump

The 2nd half of 2012 will be lower, impacted by the absence of the Asian recovery

According to Cedric Fonclare, manager at Jupiter Asset Management, while the lack of recovery in Asia weighed on some sectors, others take their game to the image of luxury sectors or aeronautical have always strong demand...
Economic Crisis

After the Financial Crisis, Economic Crisis

You can not just ask the European Central Bank as do insist politicians, economists and other investors. And ask him to create money in unlimited quantities: 1. To lend the ultimate in banks (through guarantees and collateral...

Top Five Things Worth Spending On

There’s a good reason why you applied for a debt consolidation loan and agreement: putting a stop on your gradually snowballing debts. And although your move somehow relieved you, its effect will not be as stunning if...

Brazilian Equities Are the Most Vulnerable!

Italian banks

Italian banks face rising cost of risk

Provisions of banks rose sharply in the first quarter. Those recorded at Monte Paschi and Intesa were up 58% and 43%.

Forex Broker: UFX Bank Online Tutorials

UFX Bank is one of the better online Forex broker services on the market. They boast over 40 currency pairs and even include commodities trading. They have reliable customer support that is available 24 hours a day and...