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How to Reconcile Strategic and Tactical Allocations in a Flexible Management?

The new market reality is characterized by a frequency of market events more sustained, and therefore, a sustained higher volatility. Asset managers can adapt to them, by incorporating into a flexible, permanent equilibrium...
Bad credit

What do you do when you have bad credit?

Being a victim of financial turmoil gets you in to a situation where you end up with a bad credit score; which in itself resents problems for the future. This makes the whole financial crisis become an even bigger burden,...

Brazilian Equities Are the Most Vulnerable!

Italian banks

Italian banks face rising cost of risk

Provisions of banks rose sharply in the first quarter. Those recorded at Monte Paschi and Intesa were up 58% and 43%.

Correlated Investment Strategies and Trading

Beyond the fact of overweighting a particular market mover, there is little point investing or trading in its correlations if one is in market situations “manipulated” or at least temporarily under the influence...

Correlation Between Assets and Relationships

When making trading, it is looking good correlations between assets and one refers to several approaches that can coexist: Assessing the market psychology and understanding the level of risk aversion of market participants. Fundamental...
BNP Paribas Logo

BNP Paribas: Dividend of EUR 1.20 per share

On the occasion of announcing the results of fiscal 2011, it was clarified that the Board of Directors of BNP Paribas will propose to the General Meeting the payment of a dividend of 1.20 euro per share. The Board will...
Sycomore Asset Management

Synergy Smaller Cies awarded a 2012 Lipper Fund Award

Sycomore Asset Management announced the award for her fund Synergy Smaller Cies a Lipper Fund Award. This distinction makes Synergy Smaller Cies best fund Eurozone Small and Mid Caps over 5 years for Switzerland. The Lipper...

Answer to The Most Asked Three Economic Questions

In a market economy economic decisions are made by individuals and are based on exchange, or trade. … What role does free enterprise play in the United States economy?

Forex Broker: UFX Bank Online Tutorials

UFX Bank is one of the better online Forex broker services on the market. They boast over 40 currency pairs and even include commodities trading. They have reliable customer support that is available 24 hours a day and...

E-Commerce Business Plan Is The Winning Strategy

Calculate the dangers and turnover: an e-commerce business plan guide the choice of the company. For the launch or expansion of an e-commerce, it is best to anticipate its costs and the number of possible customers. This...
Oil Industry

Oil Trader with Binary Options

Users of oil are becoming more numerous as he proves that the reserves are not renewable and start to run low. The price of black gold continues to rise and face this, man must find a solution. This is however not a problem...