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Slowdown in the markets: investors increasingly nervous

  Stock markets are nervous! In the wake of the new slap received last night by Japanese equities, which just release more than 6% (-15.81% and month), the European indices have blown hot and cold. In Paris, the...

Is It Good Time To Buy/Invest in New Zealand Dollars (Starting from April 2013)?

Recently we have noticed that New Zealand dollar is very strong that 1 New Zealand dollar = 0.8571 US dollar. It is a very high rate since October 2009. Even now you still have many chances to make money with New Zealand...

Read Full Budget Proposal of President Obama for 2014

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. He was first elected as president of the U.S. in 2008 then reelected in 2012. Now with his current presidential period, he proposed budget plan for 2014. You can...

Water Business Is Good to Invest in 2013 and the Future

It was very widely known that the need of increase significantly in most part of the world. So far, the water problem has become more serious in India, China, Southwestern of the U.S. the west of Red Sea and more. Of course...
History of Oil Price

What The Price of Oil Should Be in 2013

Oil: A market that moves in a narrow range In early 2013, the oil is mounted through the global downturn in growth. Investors were probably too bullish and net long positions were unwound CFTC markets, causing a price...

Top 5 Forex Brokers for Beginners

An important part of forex trading is having a good broker. A good forex broker facilitates the trading process quickly and doesn’t eat into your profits with too many fees. Where does a beginner begin, though? There...
Business and Economic Slump

The 2nd half of 2012 will be lower, impacted by the absence of the Asian recovery

According to Cedric Fonclare, manager at Jupiter Asset Management, while the lack of recovery in Asia weighed on some sectors, others take their game to the image of luxury sectors or aeronautical have always strong demand...

Brazilian Equities Are the Most Vulnerable!


Berlin is concerned about the future of the Landesbanken

The restructuring of German regional public banks hit hard by the financial crisis is far from over, says Finance Minister in Berlin.
Italian banks

Italian banks face rising cost of risk

Provisions of banks rose sharply in the first quarter. Those recorded at Monte Paschi and Intesa were up 58% and 43%.
JP Morgan

JP Morgan attacked by its shareholders

Shareholders of JP Morgan Chase filed suit against her. The U.S. bank is also under investigation by the FBI for the huge losses of $ 2 billion suffered by one of its brokerage unit.

Greece will not leave the euro zone

Interests, Greeks on the one hand, and European on the other hand, are much too important for the scenario of exclusion Hellenic happen. From the Greek point of view, despite the dissatisfaction (legitimate) of the population...