12:15 am - Tuesday March 31, 2015

Guest Post

We now accept guest post on businessoz.com. Due to a number of requests for guest post, I decided to create this page to let everyone knows that you can now share your unique business articles via businessoz.com for backlinks to your site.

What topic to submit?

Businessoz.com is all about business so any article about business should be accepted.


Very simple, your article should be:

  • Unique and ever posted anywhere on internet before
  • Must be 300 words+

What can you do with your articles?

You own the right to your article even when you decided to post on businessoz.com which mean that you can still delete or change any part of your articles. Two backlinks are allowed in one article in author bio section.

To edit or delete your article, you must send email to use via the contact form stated how you want to change and link to the article.

Thank for visiting businessoz.com