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HTC Stock Is As Bad As It Looks in the Market?

This is the question that everyone has in the mind now after seeing the sharply fall of HTC stock in the market. HTC shares value was at $39 in April but now in December, it is as low as $13. This is the worst case for this Taiwanese mobile phone manufacture.

The decline in revenues report of 20% in November at the same period last year has a very bad impact on the company shares. It followed by a series of bad view from analysts that HTC is not a good long term investment which draws the interest away suddenly.

In reaction to this problem, HTC is looking to sue Citigroup, one of the largest financial services companies in the world, for releasing too negative picture of finance of HTC making those bad view hit hard the share of the company. It is becoming a matter of judge to say now after getting evident support for both side.


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